Paul Crockett is a professional street, portrait, and wildlife photographer, and a freelance photojournalist for several news agencies. Paul is also an amateur radio operator (call sign: KF5VQO) and works as a nurse and communications operator with the American Red Cross Disaster Services team and the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Photography Bio:

Paul started with photography back in 1988, nearly 30 years ago, with a small Kodak 110-format camera he got for his birthday.¬†Travelling the country with his parents throughout his childhood allowed him to continuously work on perfecting his skills while slowly upgrading to professional photography gear. By the time he was a young adult, his photography had won numerous awards and had appeared at small art showings and in several publications. Paul shoots almost exclusively with the Fuji “X-Mount” system of cameras, specifically the Fuji X Pro-2. For his wildlife photography, he still uses Canon professional lenses and camera bodies, specifically the Canon 5D Mark III. While not focusing on video work, Paul does shoot some video using a Panasonic Lumix GH-4 which is a mirrorless “micro four-thirds (MFT)” camera system.

Paul holds street photography workshops throughout the world and you may inquire about these workshops by contacting us. Simple, one-day local workshops are an affordable way to get your feet wet with street photography and only cost $135 per student. Our more advanced workshops are held in New York City, Paris, and England.

Amateur Radio Bio:

I got my first CB radio back in the mid eighties and began learning basic radio operation with the CB as my family and I traveled the United States each summer in our motorhome. Finally, in 2013 I decided to sit for my amateur radio operator’s license through the FCC. I passed my test and began talking with people all over the world on 10 meters, and locally using the various 2-meter repeaters. In 2016, I started my newest project which is erecting a 60-foot amateur radio tower in my yard to expand my communication capabilities. I also began planning for the erection of a larger 100-foot tower that will handle operations for a 2-meter repeater station we’re building in North Royalton, Ohio.

You can find me on any of the 2-meter repeaters in the Cleveland, Ohio area and of course when 10-meters is open, I’m always on there, too. I’m currently preparing to sit for my General and Extra class licenses and hope to do so before the end of the year.

73 for now and I’ll see you around! – KF5VQO (Paul)